Episode 97

Craig Beaumier

Accurate Brazing

For episode 97, Mike sits down with Craig Beaumier, Director of Business Development at Accurate Brazing. Craig is well versed in sales and additive manufacturing with a plethora of experience working in startup companies, Fortune 100 companies, and even served in the military. Craig highlights the evolution of additive manufacturing along with the many barriers that can be broken through additive. He also breaks down the intricacies of the additive supply chain and how it should properly function. Craig's extensive knowledge for additive and business development makes learning a delight for all. Below are some short clips along with the full episode in its entirety.


Episode Summary: 0:00 - Introduction 1:19 - Craig's Background 3:32 - Key Concept on Business Development 5:07 - First Introduction to Additive Manufacturing 5:44 - What is HIP? 9:20 - HIPing Process during Part Production 10:50 - Progression of the Supply Chain Ecosystem 12:54 - Various Materials Used 13:33 - Overview of Accurate Brazing 16:00 - The Evolution of Better Materials/ Future of the Supply Chain1 8:47 - Data Tracking of Quality Processing 21:23 - Combining Customer Engagement and Product Design 23:16 - Testing Methods 24:37 - Changing of 3D Printing Standards 27:17 - Evolution of Additive Technology Trends 30:56 - Average Day for Craig 37:30 - Different Opportunities Additive Presents 39:39 - Excitement for Remainder of the Year