Episode 98

Scott Volk

Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing

For episode 98, Scott Volk, the Vice President of Business Development & Strategy at Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing; owner of Advanced Additive Innovations, joins as Mike's guest. Scott has spent over 30 years in the Advanced manufacturing industry, continuing to ascend to new heights. In the midst of his career, he took part in some adventurous, competitive activities such as bull riding, professional paintballer, and even engaging in martial arts. All of those activities led to Scott having a mindset free from fear in all aspects of life, including his career. Scott is very vocal about how fear can cripple the mind and how important it is to build confidence within yourself. His optimism and confidence propel him to attack any challenge that may come his way. Below are two clips where he talks about overcoming fear and the progression of customer knowledge in the AM industry. The whole episode in its entirety is also available.

Summary of Episode:

0:00 - Introduction 1:08 - Scott's Captivating Career Background 16:33 - Career Applications from Adventurous Experiences 20:13 - Thought Process behind New Career Opportunities 23:17 - Evolution of Customer Engagement 30:24 - KAM's Post Processing Developments 34:12 - Concept behind Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing 36:39 - What's Scott Working on? 42:01 - Career Takeaways for New Adventures 44:43 - Excitement for the Future