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    Conversations from Ford, Renishaw, Boeing, NASA, Cummins, and more.

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  • Most Recent Episodes

    Episode 113: Omer Blaier

    Omer Blaier is the CEO and Co-Founder of CASTOR. CASTOR is a software tool that automatically runs an analysis to determine 3d printability for end-use parts design, chooses the suitable technology for print while maintaining functionality, and turns multiple parts into one to maximize manufacturing possibilities for unique designs.

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    Episode 112: Jeff Williams

    Jeff is the Founder and CTO of Exum. He has a master's degree in Cosmochemistry from the University of New Mexico. During his time as a research scientist, he became immersed in the challenges of analytical instrumentation and began his entrepreneurial journey to improve the ways in which we understand and characterize materials.

    Episode 111: Nima Shamsaei

    Dr. Shamsaei is the Philpott-WestPoint Stevens Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Auburn University. He is also the founding director of the National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence (NCAME), a NASA and NIST-funded research center focused on advancing additive manufacturing (AM) technology. NCAME is also one of the two U.S.-based founding partners of the ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE). Dr. Shamsaei has also spent many years in industry, including leadership positions, specializing in fatigue analysis and durability test development.

    Episode 110: Philip Lund-Nielsen

    Philip Lund-Nielsen is the Co-Founder of COBOD International, a global leader in 3D construction printers, with investors General Electric, Holcim, CEMEX, and PERI Group. He manages the company's activities in North & Latin America.

    Episode 109: Eliana Fu

    Eliana is the Industry Manager of Aerospace and Medical at the Trumpf Laser Technology Center. Eliana Fu is an industry manager of aerospace and medical at the Trumpf Laser Technology Center. After working extensively in the traditional manufacturing world, with TWI then TIMET and SpaceX, she turned her attention to additive manufacturing at SpaceX and then with Relativity Space as a senior engineer: additive technologies. She also serves as the Women in 3D Printing ambassador for Las Vegas and is the recipient of the TCT Women in 3D Printing Award for 2022.

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