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    Conversations from Ford, Renishaw, Boeing, NASA, Cummins, and more.

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  • Most Recent Episodes

    These intriguing episodes feature some appealing guest interviews. From Addy Olubamiji an Advanced Manufacturing Technical Advisor at Cummins to Yash Bandari an Additive Manufacturing Product Manager at Meltio.

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    3Degrees Discussions With Guest Yash Bandari

    Yash Bandari is an Additive Manufacturing Product Manager at Meltio. Yash has over 10 years of experience with directed energy deposition 3D Printing processes having had the opportunity to work with all three heat sources including arc, laser, and electron beam. Meltio is an AM machine manufacturer focused on DED offering a solution that can use either or both wire and powder feedstock.



    As you could probably guess from the introduction, we’re going to dive headfirst into a discussion about DED processes and their evolution in the 3D Printing sector.

    3Degrees Discussions with Guest Federico Sciammarella

    Dr. Federico Sciammarella is President and CTO of MxD (Manufacturing x Digital). You can find out more about his work and the work of the institute at mxdusa.org/

    3Degrees Discussions With Guest Addy Olubamiji

    Dr. Addy Olubamiji is an Advanced Manufacturing Technical Advisor at Cummins. She is also the founder of the STEMHub Foundation which is an organization she founded to help underrepresented youth pursue opportunities in STEM.

    3Degrees Discussions With Guest Ellen Lee

    Ellen Lee is the Technical Leader for Additive Manufacturing Research at the Ford Motor Company where she focuses on polymer applications. She is responsible for developing AM strategy and technical roadmaps for materials and processes to enable automotive uses cases of Additive Manufacturing. She joins the show today to talk about the process of evaluating emerging technology and the end to end process of moving an application through the 3D Printing ecosystem.

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    Dive in below and follow the journey of Dr. Mike Vasquez as he interviews a number of different influential people who are changing the world with 3D Printing. Each Episode features a special guest, compelling and insightful debate, and new ways to ponder our understanding of the future that is 3D Printing.