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    Conversations from Ford, Renishaw, Boeing, NASA, Cummins, and more.

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  • Most Recent Episodes

    Episode 121:

    Robert Higham

    Robert Higham launched Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. (AMS) in 2017. He is a Chartered Engineer and has experience across academia, motorsport, space, and aerospace. Robert was responsible for qualification of materials, processes, and parts produced by additive manufacturing most recently for Airbus before creating AMS. AMS was designed and aims to bring aerospace-grade qualification, validation, and operation capability to all corners of industry and at its core aims to support the industrialization of additive manufacturing.

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    Episode 120: Sarat Babu

    Sarat Babu is an expert in combining materials science and design when it comes to Additive Manufacturing. We actually met back in the 2010s while we were both in the UK and he was working on his company Betatype. He’s got great insights and perspectives on the industry and where it is going.

    Episode 119: Elizabeth Henry

    Elizabeth Henry is the founder of Henry General Strategies a consulting firm focused on strategies for the business side of scaling emerging technologies-like additive manufacturing to reach industrial manufacturing scale. Rooted in strategic communications, Liz brings nearly twenty years of industry, government, and coaching experience as a partner to high-performing organizations in emerging technologies to lead the team at HGS.

    Episode 118: Jeph Ruppert

    Jeph Ruppert is a director with 3D Systems’ Application Innovation Group (AIG) – a team comprised of engineers, designers, and technicians that collaborates with the company’s customers to architect bespoke additive manufacturing solutions and applications. Renowned for his expertise in process control, validation, and characterization using metal AM within the medical device and other critical application industries, Jeph has supported the manufacture of more than 2 million medical devices to date and more than 100 customer 510(k) and CE marks. He is a key contributor to regulatory organizations, providing guidance which is helping to shape industry standards.

    Episode 117: LJ Holmes

    LJ Holmes is the Executive Director of Advanced Manufacturing at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. LJ has many years of Additive Manufacturing experience including time in the Army Research Lab. He continues to be active in maturing defense-related manufacturing projects through his work with Astro America.

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