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    Conversations from Ford, Renishaw, Boeing, NASA, Cummins, and more.

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    Episode 129:

    Jeff Grabowski

    Jeff is recognized as an international thought leader in advanced materials design and commercialization across key industries, including space, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, high-performance racing, energy, consumer electronics, and others.

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    Episode 128: Niall O'Dowd

    Niall is the founder of Phase3D a company providing solutions for part monitoring and process control for additive manufacturing. Nial completed his PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of California San Diego.

    Episode 127: Yash Parikh

    Yash Parikh is a process engineering consultant at EOS North America. In this role, his primary responsibility is to provide guidance and support to EOS consumers in effectively implementing AM technology within their organizations.

    Episode 126: Emil Johansson

    For our 126th episode, we had the pleasure of sitting with David Tucker and Kristin Mulherin. Combined these two have years of AM experience and over the past several months have worked together to create the ImplementAM workshop series across the country. This episode features the story of how these workshops came to be and the gap they saw in the AM event circuit.

    Episode 125: Emill Johansson

    Emil is the CPO and co-founder of the French-Swedish startup ADAXIS. ADAXIS is building software with the aim to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by making it effortless to use robotic arms as flexible 3D printers for plastics, composites, metals, and concrete parts. Their vision is to become the key enabler for a resilient and localized manufacturing ecosystem by combining robotics with modern process technologies.

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