Episode 129

Jeff Grabowski


We had the opportunity to sit and talk with Jeff Grabowski, the Business Development Manager at QuesTek. Jeff is recognized as an international thought leader in advanced materials design and commercialization across key industries, including space, aerospace, medical device, automotive, high-performance racing, energy, consumer electronics and others. Jeff is at the forefront of identifying the most pressing materials challenges faced by industry and arriving at solutions by leveraging QuesTek’s materials experts and proprietary Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) technologies. He talks about his beginning in materials science and his transition into the business world through technical sales, ultimately landing him at QuesTek. Enjoy the great content from our discussion!

0:00 - Introduction 2:04 - Jeff's background 5:04 - Why materials science? 8:37 - Technical Sales 101 9:53 - First interaction with 3D Printing 12:22 - Career trajectory leading to QuesTek 13:56 - QuesTek Overview 20:50 - Additive and the interests of new alloys 25:25 - Jeff's day-to-day 29:30 - Jeff's excitement for the industry 31:15 - Where to find Jeff and QuesTek 32:05 - Jeff's recommended read