Episode 96

Ajay Krishnan


In this episode, Mike sits down with Ajay Krishnan, ResearchLeader of EWI's Additive Manufacturing Group and Product owner of EWI's Laser Powder Bed Fusion Practice. Ajay, a metallurgist and materials engineer, is truly an additive enthusiast. From interning at a startup that specialized in the production of metal 3D printing components, which came about from flipping a coin,to being required to take metallurgical and materials engineering in India,Ajay was destined to work in the additive field. He delves into the basics ofwhat he and his team do as a 3D printing production company and how projects come about along with his optimistic viewpoint on the future of 3D printing and trends that may arise. Ajay truly has a heart and mind for additive with the intention of doing and creating more. Below are two clips from this episode along with the full episode in its entirety.

Summary of Episode:

0:00 - Introduction 1:50 - Ajay's Background 4:45 - Inspiration behind Additive 5:40 - Cornell Projects 7:02 - First 3D Printing Intern Experience 9:04 - Various Roles in 3D Printing Production 13:09 - Challenges in 3D Printing Servicing 22:41 - Ajay's Career Path 24:58 - Dynamics behind Developing Projects 29:17 - Trends in AM Production Processes/ In-Situ Monitoring 37:09 - Why You Should Pursue Additive Manufacturing