Episode 95

Sarah Jordan

Skuld, LLC

In this episode, Mike meets with Sarah Jordan, founder of Skuld, LLC. Sarah, a metallurgical engineer, a ceramics engineer, and a material scientist, is very passionate about all things additive. Sarah breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of working for a fortune 500 company and how to translate that knowledge to her own startup. She also highlights the new, innovative hybrid process her company is working on: additive manufacturing evaporative casting (AMEC). Sarah is truly a well of knowledge with a heart for additive. Below are two clips from the episode along with the full episode in its entirety.

Summary of Episode:

0:00 - Introduction1:35 - Sarah's Background
4:44 - What is Ceramics Engineering
9:02 - Metallurgy Monday
12:22 - Transition after OSU
14:17 - CMM and PPAP
15:44 - Working in the Manufacturing and Foundry Space
16:27 - Introduction into Additive Manufacturing
18:09 - Next Steps after Graduate Project
19:24 - Role at Fabrisonic
22:29 - Role at Skuld
24:21 - Startups vs Large Corporations
32:31 - Average Day for Sarah
34:35 - Sarah's Workspace
35:57 - Sustainability Concerns
37:33 - Toastmasters International
41:39 - What's Next for the Remainder of 2022
42:54 - Connect with Sarah