Episode 94

Ed Herderick

The Ohio State University- Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence

Mike meets with Dr. Edward Herderick, the Director of Additive at The Ohio State University, Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence. From working as a political advisor, prioritizing the importance of additive and government policy, to landing the opportunity of a lifetime as the Director of Additive at his alma mater The Ohio State University, CDME, safe to say that Ed has worked a wide variety of interesting jobs. In this episode, he expresses his genuine enthusiasm for the future of additive, the technological advancements that are a result of additive, and the importance of merging business and technology. Below are three clips from the full episode along with the entire episode with timestamps included.



Summary of the episode:

0:00 - Introduction 1:45 - Ed's Background 4:28 - Inspiration behind Materials Science 7:37 - Ed's Career as a Congressional Fellow 12:39 - Ed's Time at EWI17:37 - Big Takeaway from Additive Research 21:06 - Transition after EWI 23:58 - Ed's Cool Job Opportunities 27:04 - GE's Validation Process for New Technology 33:13 - Ed's Transition from GE to OSU 36:40 - Concept behind the CDME 41:09 - Dynamics behind Professional Projects at CDME 46:49 - Excitement/ Predictions for the Future of Technology