Episode 93

Donald Godfrey

SLM Solutions Sr. Fellow for Aerospace and Department of Defense Additive Strategy


Mike sits down with Donald Godfrey, a world-renowned figure in the additive space who currently works for SLM Solutions as a Senior Fellow for Aerospace and Department of Defense Additive Strategy. Throughout the episode, Godfrey gives his widespread of knowledge and insight on the additive industry from multiple perspectives: welding, 3D Printing, management, and more. He talks about the importance of culture to a company and how innovative technological creations mean nothing if it doesn’t line up with the culture of the company. Don is a very progressive and forward thinker in the additive world, providing a great deal of wisdom that can improve your outlook on additive. Here are three insightful clips along with the full episode from the interview.





Summary of the video:

0:00 - Introduction 1:47 - Don's Career Background 5:07 - Don's Intro to 3D Printing 9:08 - Qualifying 3D Printing Materials 12:32 - Hindrances in Materials Qualification 18:53 - Don's Experience in Building a Supply Chain for Honeywell 28:17 - Shared Knowledge of Qualifying Materials 34:51 - Transition from Honeywell to SLM 41:13 - Typical Day for Don 44:02 - Advice for Beginners in the Manufacturing Space