Episode 121

Robert Higham

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

We had the luxury of sitting down with Robert Higham, Director and CEO of Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. We had a great discussion where we about his talked extensive career in academia, motorsport, space, and aerospace. He also dives into his transition from Airbus, a large aerospace corporation to his company Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd (AMS). We also had the chance to highlight the realities of owning a startup both good and bad and the best mindset to have when mapping out business plans. Check out Robert's recommended read and be sure to connect with Robert on LinkedIn and check out AMS. Don't forget to turn on post notifications and subscribe to the podcast.

Episode Summary
0:00 - Introduction 2:15 - Robert's early years 6:48 - First aerospace project 11:00 - Mindset when pursuing job and internship opportunities 14:40 - Longevity in a corporation 16:50 - First encounter with a 3D Printer and his interest in additive 20:07 - Roles and opportunities at Airbus 23:47 - Time at Airbus 25:30 - Overview of Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd 29:46 - Shifting from working in a large company to owning a business 36:53 - The future of AMS 44:28 - Hopes and concerns for additive for the rest of 2023 50:50 - Robert's recommended read