Episode 120

Sarat Babu

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarat Babu for our 120th episode. Sarat is an expert in combining materials science and design in the additive manufacturing space. He describes his experience owning his company Betatype in the United Kingdom along with the pros and cons of being a design engineering consultant in London. Be sure to connect with Sarat on LinkedIn and enjoy the content from our discussion.

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Episode Summary
0:00 - Introduction 1:26 - Sarat's early days 3:29 - Sarat's university years 10:31 - Imperial College's materials engineering course during Sarat's time 13:02 - Sarat's master degree and transition into Additive 17:13 - Reflecting on balancing PhD and consulting work 24:18 - How Sarat went about business planning 27:45 - Reflecting on customer projects 32:07 - Having a metals company in London 36:33 - Sarat's recommended reads
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