Episode 119

Elizabeth Henry

Henry General Strategies

For our 119th guest, we had the pleasure of talking with Elizabeth Henry, founder of Henry General Strategies. Elizabeth has a background in arts, linguistics, and fine arts that shaped her trajectory for additive. Elizabeth has spent time working in Europe as a strategic communicator, as well as spending time at ExOne, and the Office of Secretary of Defense as a Subject-Matter Expert in Additive, leading up to the opening of her business Henry General Strategies. The main skill she honed throughout her career is leaning on the human qualities of communication such as listening, understanding, and asking questions. She expresses the importance of having an open mind and doing new things that'll challenge your thinking. Enjoy Elizabeth's career journey and how open-mindedness cultivated it.


Episode Summary:
0:00 - Introduction 1:52 - Elizabeth's early years 4:30 - Elizabeth's early learnings and how they shaped her career 11:19 - Elizabeth's essential skills for additive 14:36 - How people previously viewed additive compared to now 18:33 - Transition into role at the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Subject-matter Expert in AM 20:54 - Day-to-day working for the Office of the Secretary of Defense 27:02 - How Elizabeth viewed success when working with the Department of Defense 29:40 - Elizabeth's transition from OSD to starting Henry General Strategies 34:44 - The most unexpected thing with starting a business 36:31 - Elizabeth's current vision for her company 39:00 - Advice for how companies should approach working with the government 40:50 - The importance of reading outside of your comfort zone 42:29 - Hannover Messe