Episode 118

Jeph Ruppert

3D Systems

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeph Ruppert, the Director of 3D Systems' Application Innovation Group, for a conversation. He specializes in supporting the manufacturing of medical devices with additive manufacturing. Jeph talks about the process that goes on behind making medical orthopedics from planning to the patient receiving the device. He also dives into how 3D Systems work with their customers, how customer knowledge has improved throughout the years, along with his anticipation for the industry this year. Be sure to connect with Jeph on LinkedIn and check out his recommended reads.


Episode Summary:
0:00 - Introduction 1:38 - Jeph's early years 10:13 - Jeph's interest in Orthopedics Surgeon 12:48 - First seeing a 3D printer 14:40 - Electron-beam melting 101 16:45 - Overview of Medical Modeling and their processes 23:58 - Background processes of making medical devices 27:03 - The quality system for orthopedic implants 31:30 - Customer knowledge and 3D Systems' approach to working with them 35:06 - A typical day for Jeph 36:28 - The most exciting thing about today's industry 37:45 - Jeph's recommended reads 38:41 - Connect with Jeph