Episode 117

LJ Holmes

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

For episode 117, we had the privilege to sit down with LJ Holmes, the Executive Director of Advanced Manufacturing at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. LJ has spent time fulfilling many roles throughout his time in the additive manufacturing industry from designing armor packages at the Army Research Lab to training and educating students at Harrisburg University, LJ has been very involved in many spaces. Two notable projects LJ supports are Astro America's AM Forward project and the Jointless Hull Program. In this episode, he goes in-depth into the different projects he has been involved in and gives insight into the qualities that unlock the hidden potential within his students. LJ is very passionate about advancing the additive manufacturing industry, and he shares his passion with us in this discussion. Enjoy the content from our conversation and be sure to check out his recommended read 3D Printing Will Rock Your World by John Hornick.


Episode Summary:
0:00 - Introduction 2:04 - LJ's early years 11:16 - Initial exposure to 3d printing 13:31 - How the Army Research Lab utilizes additive 18:14 - How the ARL prioritized projects and technologies in the past 23:18 - LJ's different roles 29:55 - LJ's role at Harrisburg University 34:46 - Characteristics for success in advanced manufacturing 38:45 - LJ's recommended read