Episode 116

Anthony Mott

Wabtec Corporation

For our 116th episode, we had the opportunity to sit down with Anthony Mott. Anthony is currently the Leader of Additive Manufacturing at Wabtec Corporation. In our discussion, he dives into his career journey from plastics engineering to additive manufacturing and all of the roles he had along the way. From spending time at RP+M to GE's Center for Additive Technology Advancement, ultimately landing him in his current role at Wabtec. Anthony and his team are implementing additive solutions to the rail industry from improved braking systems and high-performing engines, providing efficient innovations that'll change the landscape of freights and locomotives. Anthony's perspective highlights how advanced manufacturing has a great impact on a wide array of industries and how it continues to grow.


Episode Summary
0:00 - Introduction 1:40 - Anthony's early days 5:10 - How plastics engineers can make the most out of their college experience 7:17 - Thogus' early perception on 3D printing 9:07 - Anthony's first few years in the workforce 12:10 - The progression of additive awareness and customer intelligence 14:17 - Applying materials science and polymers knowledge to metals 16:05 - Transitioning from RP+M to GE's Center for Additive Technology Advancement 19:54 - Working at GE CATA while earning master's degree 24:09 - Anthony's end goal for completing masters 25:46 - Metals overtaking polymers 26:54 - Anthony's transition from GE to Wabtec 29:32 - Why Wabtec implements additive into the rail industry 33:31 - Wabtec's approach to producing and manufacturing their braking systems 35:15 - Anthony's takeaways from his career experience 38:18 - A typical day for Anthony 40:17 - Anthony's recommended read