Episode 115

David Leigh

For episode 115, we had the opportunity to sit down with David Leigh. David has been a part of the 3D Printing space for over 30 years, from interning at DTM to spending time at Stratasys and 3D Systems, he shares all of his wisdom from his experiences in this episode. He reflects on the importance of seeing and using your business as an asset. How you should "build processes where it's independent of you" and disconnect from the personal connection that can be built from owning a business, being sure not to have a "boat anchor around your ankles". David truly has a well full of knowledge and uses it to help build others up in the 3D Printing industry, providing immense research for the additive sector and forecasting the trends of the industry. Be sure to enjoy the content from our discussion and check out all of David's recommended reads.


Episode Summary:

0:00 - Introduction 1:44 - David's early years 9:19 - Reaction to first SLS system 13:20 - David's mindset when starting Harvest Technologies 19:08 - Acquiring first SLS machine for Harvest Technologies 21:23 - Lessons from selling Harvest Technologies 27:03 - Career after selling service bureau 34:24 - David's wisdom for beginners in additive and starting a career path 39:52 - David's recommended reads