Episode 114

Agustin Diaz

REM Surface Engineering

Agustin Diaz, the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Manager at REM Surface Engineering joins the show for episode 114. He shares his experience growing up in Puetro Rico and gaining a love for chemistry. Agustin breaks down how he got into additive manufacturing and fatigue testing, giving insight on how one should utilize fatigue testing and the best way to save money when designing a part. Agustin is the co-founder of the LatinXCan Podcast, where he and his wife highlight LatinX professionals who turned their professional dream into a reality in the US. Be sure to check out their content and enjoy the content from Agustin's episode.


Episode Summary:
0:00 - Introduction 2:01 - Agustin's early life 6:38 - Chemistry and medical influence 8:54 - Academic path after bachelors 11:33 - Overview of REM Surface Engineering 17:25 - Fatigue testing and why it's necessary 22:46 - Industries that utilize fatigue testing 24:43 - Determining cost efficiency when deciding between additive and surface finishing 28:53 - A typical day for Agustin 33:50 - LatinX Can Podcast 36:13 - Expectations for 2023 R37:37 - Agustin's recommended read