Episode 113

Omer Blaier


For episode 113, Mike sits down with Omer Blaier, CEO and Co-founder of CASTOR. CASTOR is a software tool that automatically runs analysis to find parts suitable for 3d printing, maximizing possibilities for unique designs all while maintaining functionality. Omer speaks on the details of CASTOR's software, lessons on being an entrepreneur, and the considerable role that cultural differences play in entrepreneurship, specifically those between Israel and America. Be sure to check out CASTOR for more information on their software. And check out Omer's recommended read and his favorite show.


Episode Summary:
0:00 - Introduction 1:39 - Omer's early days 4:26 - Inspiration for mechanical engineering 5:56 - Introduction to 3D printing 8:56 - Objet before Stratasys merging 10:42 - Takeaways from time at Objet 14:09 - Transition from Objet to CASTOR 18:00 - Entrepreneurship in Israel 21:02 - Overview of CASTOR 24:08 - How CASTOR's software works 29:56 - Typical conversations with customers 39:14 - Growing value of CASTOR's software 40:08 - Best part of running CASTOR 43:50 - Carbon dioxide and carbon emissions developments 47:33 - Omer's recommended read/show