Episode 112

Jeff Williams

Exum Instruments

For episode 112, we had the opportunity to sit with Jeff Williams, Founder and CTO of Exum Instruments. Jeff describes his passion for science which led to a Master's in Cosmochemistry and his admiration of solid sample analysis, jump starting his business Exum. He also perfectly describes mass spectrometry and the various ways to utilize it and how Exum performs mass spectrometry through their creation the Massbox. Check out the episode below with highlights from the episode.

Be sure to check out Jeff's recommended reads:

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Episode Summary
0:00 - Introduction 1:20 - Jeff's background 6:35 - Initial career trajectory 7:58 - Mass spectrometry 101 12:20 - Exum's early stages 16:56 - Exum's initial financing 19:59 - The Massbox 24:31 - Early customers and uses 26:23 - How to utilize the Massbox 27:28 - Design and usability inspiration when creating the Massbox 29:49 - Overcoming adaptation hurdles 33:07 - Where to experience the Massbox 34:37 - Different materials tested 35:35 - Jeff's favorite books