Episode 101

Chris Prue

United Performance Metals

This episode, Chris Prue joins the show. Chris is the Applications Development Manager at United Performance. With over 11 years of experience in additive manufacturing, Chris is very passionate about ceramics and manufacturing. Chris expresses his passion through breaking down the basis to ceramics, explaining the how to get the most out ouf build plates, and expressing the importance of growth traceability. He truly has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to additive manufacturing. Enjoy the content from the episdoe below!

Episode Summary:
0:00 - Introduction 1:38 - Chris' Background 6:22 - Ceramics 101 8:58 - Early Career Roles 11:02 - Early Manufacturing and Production Hurdles 14:34 - Role at GE 16:28 - AddUp Overview 18:47 - AddUp's Customer Training 20:30 - Overview of Beehive Industries 24:55 - Overview of Post-Processing Consultation 28:36 - Various 3D Printing Scaling 30:26 - Overview of Build Plate Processes 32:41 - Growth of Production Traceability 35:09 - The Additive Network within Cincinnati 37:38 - Advice for Beginners in Additive 39:57 - Upcoming UPM Conferences