Episode 100

Mike Vasquez


We've made it to 100 episodes!!! In lieu of our 100th episode, guest host, Caroline Vasquez returns to the show to ask Mike some questions, reflecting on the past episodes and acknowledging the current state of the additive manufacturing industry. We even have some bonus content of Mike's family, in a wholesome fashion, asking him some hard-hitting questions. Thank you to all of our guests and supporters, we really appreciate you! Below are some clips from the episode. Enjoy the wholesome content!

Episode Summary:

0:00 - Introduction 1:00 - Most Surprising Theme from Guests 2:17 - Current Inning of the 3D Printing Industry 3:32 - Trends in Mainstream Additive Integration 6:58 - The Convincing Process attached to 3D Printing 14:05 - Strategy Process for incorporating 3D Printing 17:34 - Additive's Climb to Integration 18:45 - How does a Recession affect the 3D Printing Industry 22:28-Challenges Companies face when utilizing Additive 26:07 - Interesting Additive Applications 28:10- Overview of AMx Cohorts 33:23 - How to get Involved with AMx 35:05 - Speed Round 37:02 - Special Guest Segment