Episode 102

Jimmy Campbell


For episode 102, Jimmy Campbell from Plastometrex joins the podcast. Jimmy is the Chief Technology Officer for Plastometrex. Graduating with a Ph.D. and an undergraduate degree from the University of Cambridge, Jimmy talks about his research on making the indenting process efficient and precise through the testing of various materials and recording the results they bring about. He speaks on the innovative Profilometry-based Indentation Plastometry (PIP) method that Plastometrex incorporates and how it makes gathering material property data simple and concise. Enjoy the content from the conversation and be sure to connect with Jimmy on LinkedIn to learn more about Plastometrex and their PIP Method.

Episode Summary:

0:00 - Introduction 2:15 - Jimmy's Background 4:15 - Cambridge's Materials Science Dept. 6:09 - Culture around Entrepreneurship 8:03 - Connection between PhD and Plastometrex 11:37 - Plastometrex's Indentation Method 15:33 - Findings from PhD Research 18:23 - Early Days of Plastometrex 22:53 - Plastometrex's Business Model 27:11 - The Importance of Anisotropy and Material Properties 31:20 - How Customers use the PIP Method 34:02 - Scanning Process when Indenting 38:03 - Navigating through the Culture of Additive Manufacturing 40:44 - Time Benefit with Plastometrex's Tensile Test 41:39 - Connect with Jimmy