Episode #123

Patrick Kuballa

Tiger Coatings

For episode 123, Patrick Kuballa, Senior Formulator for Tiger Coatings, stopped by for a chat. He gives details as to his perspective on working in a big chemical company as well as what struck his interest in chemicals. Patrick also describes Thermosetting and Thermoset materials, implying the importance of having strong expertise on the subject to better educate customers to remove any confusion when using it for 3D Printing. A great dialogue, expanding on the unique tools used in the 3D Printing industry. Be sure to check out Patrick's recommended read, all of the content from our discussion, and subscribe to our podcast!

Episode Summary:
0:00 - Intro 1:51 - Patrick's early days 5:00 - Working in a big chemical company 6:20 - Industries that initially interested Patrick 8:40 - First interaction with 3D Printing 9:35 - Transition from BSF to Tiger Coating 11:00 - Tiger Coatings overview 13:44 - What is a thermoset/ different material used by Tiger Coatings 16:15 - Thermoset within an SLS 21:00 - Tiger Coatings' focus on stiff parts 23:37 - Printers that use thermoset materials 25:30 - Importance of hands-on experience and seeing materials run 27:57 - Common question from end-users 29:35 - Tiger Coatings' use of post-processing 31:50 - Potential different printing technologies 32:41 - Other 3D Printing projects 34:02 - Excitement for the rest of 2023 35:56 - Patrick's recommended read#3dprinting #additivemanufacturing #advancedmanufacturing #engineering #manufacturing #material #materialscience #tigercoating #3degrees