Episode 106

Mark Dickin


Mark Dickin from Ricoh joins the show for episode 106. Mark has spent a lot of his time at Ricoh working with both traditional and additive manufacturing processes. He talks about his time coming up in Ricoh's apprenticeship program, expressing the value in apprenticeship work and how it should offered in many industries within manufacturing. He also talks about the growth and development Ricoh has experienced and how far they've come in the additive industry. Be sure to check out his recommended read: Drink Tea and Read the Paper by Paul Allen.


Episode Summary

0:00 - Introduction 1:10 - Mark's Background 3:34 - Mark's Educational Path 5:42 - Value in Trade/Apprenticeship 9:34 - Overview of Ricoh 12:55 - Ricoh Apprenticeship 15:55 - Navigating Work-Life Balance Early On sss18:33 - Staying at Ricoh after Apprenticeship 20:09 - Entering Additive Manufacturing 24:25 - Ricoh's Market Versatility 30:34 - Lessons from Running Servicing and Metals Operations 33:38 - How One Should Utilize Binder Jet in their Process 35:26 - Ricoh and Impossible Objects 38:10 - Variety of Projects at Ricoh 40:02 - Advice for Starters in Additive 41:40 - Favorite Book