Episode 105

William Cuervo


Will Cuervo joins us for episode 105. Will is the Senior Business Development Manager at 3YOURMIND. Will has spent five years in additive manufacturing, beginning his journey as an Additive Manufacturing Technician at Sintavia. Will delves into his wide array of life and career experiences from his days being involved in JROTC in high school to being introduced to additive manufacturing at Sintavia and how all of his experiences developed him into being an impactful leader. He gives a great perspective on learning from every life experience and building upon it.

Be sure to check out his book recommendation: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein.

Episode Summary: 0:00 - Introduction 1:43 - Will's Background 4:00 - JROTC Experience 6:00 - Experience at Norwich University 12:53 - Time after Norwich 16:19 - Why Choose the Army JROTC? 18:12 - Exposure to Additive Manufacturing 21:41 - Early Days at Sintavia 27:15 - Transitioning to Additive Operations 33:37 - 3YOURMIND Software and Projects 41:50 - Sharing Leadership Knowledge 44:48 - Will's Book Recommendation