Episode 110

Philip Lund-Nielsen

COBOD International

For episode 110, Philip Lund-Nielsen joins the podcast. Philip is the co-founder of COBOD International and a global leader in 3D Construction Printing. He expands on the current strides that COBOD has been making with the innovative method of building through the use of 3D printers, describing the benefits to using construction 3D printers along with goal of maximizing the usefulness of the printers. COBOD maximizes the effectiveness and usefulness of their printers with their Robotic Arm Printer System where a 3D printer with a robotic arm can fulfill tasks such as sanding, spray painting, and plastering. Below are some clips that dive into their innovations along with the full episode. Check out COBOD's recent projects along with their robotic arm innovation in the link above.

Check out Philip's favorite read: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker

Episode Summary:
 0:00 - Introduction 1:33 - Philip's early life 4:27 - Insight on early industry days 7:46 - Why use 3D Printing for buildings 10:19 - Construction 3D Printers 11:48 - Different properties that are built by 3D Printers 14:11 - Framework and logistics with 3D Printing buildings 16:57 - Overview of automation 19:38 - Entering an established industry with new technology 21:58 - Reflecting on what works after being in the marketplace for some time 24:19 - COBOD's business motto and clients 27:38 - Potential technological improvements 30:31 - Philip's typical day 34:48 - Where to view finished projects 36:21 - Philip's favorite book