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  • What is 3Degrees

     3Degrees is a consulting company focused on delivering practical solutions and smart strategies to help organizations maximize their investments in advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D Printing.

  • 3Degrees Core Principles

    We believe that 3D Printing has the potential to transform companies that value the ability to innovate quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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    We work with you to identify potential opportunities in the market or within your organization to create new businesses or to modernize your manufacturing infrastructure by leveraging 3D Printing technologies.  

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    We have years of experience working with various 3D Printing technologies. Our company provides trusted and in-depth expertise to devise smart solutions that are customized to your needs and business objectives. 

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    We view ourselves as partners to all of our clients. This means that we will work side-by-side with you to test novel applications, try or develop new materials and train key members of your organization. Together, we will maximize the ability of 3D Printing to deliver ROI. 


  • Capabilities

    We work with diverse companies around the world

    to enable them to stay ahead of the curve.

    Establishing Production Capabilities


    Help product-focused companies identify, build and expand their use of 3D Printing in targeted applications

    and business scenarios such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and medicine


    Developing Materials


    We have a deep expertise in Materials Science and have worked with chemical and materials companies interested in entering the 3D Printing supply chain

    Building Your Workforce


    We train designers, engineers and business leaders at both an introductory and advanced level on this powerful technology



    Managing Quality


    We can help your company develop and strengthen your AM workflow from design to materials to inspection, following industry best practices and emerging standards


  • Client Case Studies

    Client Case 1

    Creating a 3D Printing Strategy for Production

    After over a decade of using 3D Printing for prototyping, an industrial and construction components company was stuck trying to find a viable approach to use 3D Printing for production.


    We conducted our proprietary "Production 3D Printing Readiness Evaluation" that examined their overall AM Strategy, People/Organization Structure, Processes, Materials, Software and Facilities. Our analysis helped them develop a clear roadmap for building out their production capabilities.

    Client Case 2

    Developing New Materials

    A top 10 global materials manufacturer wanted to enter the 3D Printing market and needed help evaluating opportunities and performing validation testing.


    We helped them get up to speed quickly and served as a technical resource for market strategy and testing as they built up their materials portfolio. They are now actively selling 3D Printing materials commercially.

    Client Case 3

    Setting up a Production Facility

    One of the world's top consumer product brands had just invested over half a million dollars in 3D Printing equipment and was looking to operationalize the facility as quickly as possible.


    We provided best practice advice and guidance on material and process validation, operating procedures and quality management, which enabled them to launch their first commercial 3D Printed product in a matter of months.

    Client Case 4

    Workforce Development

    A global leader in product, materials and workplace safety was looking to support its manufacturing partners by developing a workforce training curriculum on Additive Manufacturing.


    We provided subject matter expertise and aided in the development and deployment of an international training curriculum, which now has been taught to dozens of leading manufacturing companies.

    Client Case 5

    Reducing Spare Parts Inventory

    A company focused on making low-volume stamped parts was looking to digitize its tooling and mold inventory.


    We evaluated the organization's inventory of spare parts and used our proprietary approach for 3D Printing selection to identify high-quality candidates for 3D Printing replacement. We worked with them to set-up a workflow to ensure that the critical variables and instructions were digitally documented.

  • Team

    Mike Vasquez PHD MIT materials science additive manufacturing 3D printing consultant

    Mike Vasquez, PhD


    Mike is a 3D Printing expert and is a trusted advisor to some of the top companies in the industry. He has worked side-by-side with machine manufacturers, material producers and end users in the sector. Mike consults on identifying novel applications, testing new materials and developing frameworks to maximize manufacturing efficiency and boost ROI. He completed his PhD in Additive Manufacturing at Loughborough University and received both his bachelors and master's degrees from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering.

    William Heise PhD Eastman Chemical

    William Heise, PhD

    Business and Marketing Consultant

    Bill brings almost 30 years of experience in engineering to client engagements, having spent most of his career with Eastman Chemical. As part of his most recent role in Eastman's corporate innovation group, he was responsible for the development and execution of Eastman's additive manufacturing strategy. He also spent three years in the Netherlands as Eastman's technology director for the European region. Bill received his PhD in chemical engineering from Auburn University and his bachelors in chemical engineering from the University of Dayton. 


    Hannah Rudoltz MIT mechanical engineering 3Degrees

    Thomas Corbett

    Consulting Intern

    Thomas is entering his junior year at Northern Illinois University (NIU), studying Mechanical Engineering. He has worked on a variety of projects, including the design, manufacture, and testing of a quadcopter, the running of a selective laser sintering 3D printer, and analyzing brain waves using a 3D printed headset. He also enjoys volunteering with the college and give tours, participate in student panels, and help with open houses. Thomas is participating in research within the additive manufacturing field at NIU, as well as leading the NIU Rover Club as the president for the 2017-2018 season.


    Hannah Rudoltz MIT mechanical engineering 3Degrees


    Consulting Intern

    Akshta is a graduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago, studying Business Analytics. She has completed her Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University in India. She worked as an Application Developer at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd prior to graduate school. She has also done various projects in database development & data analysis. She has actively organized and participated in collegiate events and social causes. She also likes to dance and travel.

    Hannah Rudoltz MIT mechanical engineering 3Degrees

    Hannah Rudoltz

    Consulting Intern Alumni

    Hannah is in her third undergraduate year at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering. She has completed multiple design projects at MIT, most notably a prototype for Toy Product Design, and a 60 degree hill climber for Design and Manufacturing. Additionally, Hannah has conducted research at MIT in bioengineering.


  • 3Degrees Partners

    America Makes


    America Makes is a group that promotes the growth of additive manufacturing within the United States.



    DMDII develops new design tools through its partners for improving digital manufacturing. This includes making innovative tools to help improve companies manufacture with up and coming technology.



    M-Hub is a Chicago based innovation cite where young companies can come to develop first prototypes or even participate in small scale production of parts.

  • Thought Leadership

    Three Degrees Logo


    Dr. Vasquez is a globally recognized speaker in the 3D Printing industry. Recent engagements include:

    • Over 40+ invited talks in locations such as Chicago, New York, Singapore, London, Seoul, San Francisco and Boston including the following events:
      • SXSW
      • National Association of Attorneys General
      • Inside 3D Printing Singapore
      • 3D Printer World
      • Additive Manufacturing Users Group
      • Innovation Enterprise Conference London
      • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    • Guest lecturer at MIT and the University of Sheffield Hallam


    3D printing best practices guide book 3Degrees

    Best Practice E-Book

    The 3Degrees Best Practice Guide is written for designers, engineers, business and product leaders. This book will provide you with the tools necessary to build, sustain and grow a flourishing 3D Printing operation for your company. It will help you approach this technology in a thoughtful and strategic way by giving you the knowledge to not only get your money back from your investment but to make 3D Printing a profit center for your organization.


    Dr. Vasquez has been published in several top-tier academic papers relating to 3D Printing, including a review article for Nature Materials (the top recognized materials journal in the world), Journal of Additive Manufacturing and Polymer Engineering & Science.

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