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M-Hub SLS Set-Up

The road to using the EOS P110

3Degrees was able to participate in the acquisition, setting up, and development of M-Hubs new EOS P110 Formiga 3D printer. This printer is a selective laser sintering (SLS) machine, and is now M-Hubs most professional grade 3D printer, and has already been used many times across their growing member base.

The printer was first received in May, where EOS came in and did several tests, to insure that the machine was properly calibrated to our environment, as well as to assure that nothing was damaged in the travel. With the printer, they also brought with them a variety of post processing tools, including a sifting table, mixing station, and a sandblaster. They similarly tested this equipment to ensure functionality, and that they were ready for large scale use.

In the end of May, an EOS representative came to M-Hub and started a three day long training session with a select few employees and members of M-Hub, with multiple members from the 3Degrees team taking part. This tutorial session went through all of the basics of running the printer, and gave those that attended the tools needed to be able to run the printer. At the end of the training, everyone who was present throughout the days was certified to run the printer. A supplemental training session was then scheduled for the end of summer, as a follow up and more advanced training.

It did not take long before word of the printer was spread throughout M-Hub, and members were anxious to find out how their parts would work on the new printer. Being the expert on additive manufacturing, 3Degrees was put in charge of running the printer on a regular basis, and was able to help M-Hub in their development of the printers usage cycle.

At first the printer was only being run once a week, but within three weeks, there was already such a demand for SLS parts that the schedule became twice. The M-Hub community was enjoying the high strength and accuracy of the printer, as well as the professionalism that came with a SLS part.

During the first few weeks of the printers operation, much of the safety documentation were being written up for M-Hub. Those that had attended the 3 days of training had access to a variety of safety documentation straight from EOS, however common members did not have access to it, and it was not specific to M-Hub. Team members from 3Degrees were able to develop the new safety documents, that were specific to M-hub, such that future operators of the machine can have a clear understanding of all precautions to take while using it.

It is now M-Hub's sixth week of using the SLS, and it popularity amongst members is still growing yet. The 3Degrees team is excited to see just what new and interesting projects that M-Hub members will think of for this new tool.

-Thomas Corbett

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