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Local Students Learn About Additive Manufacturing

Students from around Chicago come and visit M-Hub to learn about the growing additive manufacturing field

On Friday June 7th, 3Degrees had the opportunity to help out local students from around Chicago learn about additive manufacturing and its growth in the previous years. These students came from a variety of different neighborhoods, and were all participating in a group titled Manufacturing Connect that allows students to get hands on experience with and information about different manufacturing methods.

The day started with a tour of the M-Hub facilities, so that the students could see all the different equipment that is available , and view prototyping from a start-ups perspective. On the tour, we were able to introduce them to many traditional machines that are used in manufacturing, such as a CNC mill, laser cutters, vacuum formers, etc.

The second part of the day took place in one of M-Hub's classrooms, where Mike and Thomas were able to give presentations on the importance of manufacturing as a whole. They also shared their experience in both manufacturing and more specifically additive manufacturing, as well as their career paths. In these presentations, both members of the 3Degrees team were able to give cool and interesting projects that they were able to participate in through their careers with additive manufacturing.

The next part of the day included a chance for these students to be able to see additive manufacturing in practice, with a business here at M-Hub, ModoBag, showing off their product that has additively manufactured parts. ModoBag is an up and coming producer of luggage that can be ridden and driven around like a scooter, and has SLS printed electronics housing. The students got to try out ModoBag's product, and rode around the facilities on the motorized luggage.

The last event of the day involved showing the students the removal process of taking SLS parts out of the machine, and then preparing them for customers. The students were able to witness the whole procedure, the removal of build from the SLS, the sifting of the parts, and then sandblasting and cleaning of the parts. All the while the students were given an explination of the process, and why each step was important.

To close the day, each student was able to take a part home from the build, in this case there were many small catapults branded with the M-Hub logo. 3Degrees would like to thank Manufacturing Connect for giving us an opportunity to work with them, and to teach them about additive manufacturing.

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