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3Degrees receives funding from America Makes and Air Force Research Lab to Develop a Best-In-Class Materials Database for Additive Manufacturing

Led by 3Degrees, LLC, in collaboration with Senvol, EOS, and Deloitte, project will develop a searchable and scalable database built using 3Degrees’ traceAM software

CHICAGO, IL, May 19, 2021 – 3Degrees,a leading 3D Printing consulting firm, is excited to announce it has beenawarded funding as part of America Makes’ Rapid Innovation Project Call, which is supported by a $50,000 grant from US Air Force Research Laboratory. The award will enable the team to deploy thetraceAM software platform, which will revolutionize America Makes’ data management and analytics capabilities and further cement its role as aworld-class hub for advanced additive manufacturing research and technologies. 

The project team brings together materials engineers, data specialists and leadingconsultants who will work together to customize the traceAM platform to fit the unique needs of America Makes’ members. Specifically, the team will deliver a robust system to collect and archive data, which will allow past and future projects to be sorted by key production and technical data. The toolaligns to industry best practices and regulatorydata requirements, and has the benefit of enabling real-time updates to the information captured by the system the industry as standards evolve. 

“Because of its unique role within the additive manufacturing ecosystem, America Makes possesses anunparalleled amount of data around materials performance, printing platformsand technical specifications,” said Dr. Mike Vasquez, Founder of 3Degrees and principalinvestigator for the project. “With this work, we’ll deliver a tool that is simple to use and enables users to quickly search, analyze and compare this robust data with a click of a few buttons. We are confident this tool will produce insights that support manufacturing in the United States and benefit all 228 current and future America Makes members.”

Members of America Makes and the broader Additive Manufacturingcommunity can follow the progress of the project throughout 2021, including atupcoming member events such as the Technical Review Exchange in July and the Member Meeting Exchange in October. The project team will also appear on the 3Degrees Discussions podcast at the conclusion of the project to discuss key learnings, existing challenges within the additive manufacturing space and whatthey see as the next opportunity to advance the industry. 

3Degrees helps companies implement winning 3D Printing solutions through practicalinsights and materials expertise. It was founded in 2012 by Dr. Mike Vasquez. The teamhas decades of expertise in material design and selection, part evaluation,training and safety and designing 3D Printing roadmaps and long-term strategies. 3Degrees is also a member of America Makes and is based in Chicago, IL.

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